What Are Car Trims


You might not know exactly what it is, but if you saw a car without one, you’d reconsider driving or taking a ride in the said car. Most vehicle owners spend a good chunk of their money on car trims because you want it to look good, it improves the overall look of your car as this is most important ever to a number of people.

A car trim is that shiny metal in the middle of the wheel. This not to be confused with a wheel cover which is the shiny metal or plastic which covers the entire wheel. Car trims have a long history in the vehicle production industry and companies take pride in them. Most times the car trims are the part of the wheel that bears the symbol of the car company that produced it.

Types of car trims

Ca companies make different kinds of car trims and more often than not these days, the car trim is usually a part of the wheel cover so we will look at that.

Steel wheel covers

These are made of pure metal and are the more original version made from when wheels were made. Although they look better, they are heavy and will make the wheel heavier hence move slower.

Alloy trims

These are high breed plastic with an alloy of zinc or magnesium. They are light and that means less weight on the wheel and more acceleration. There is a downside however as they are more expensive than steel trims

Advantages of a car trim

Car trims don’t have much of an advantage and most companies are phasing them out having wheel covers that cover the whole wheel as this offer support to the wheel.

However, car trims do offer a nice cosmetic view and most vehicle owners would purchase them for this reason.