Types of Sportswear Material

Since there are so many different types of sportswear out there, you will also find that there are many types of material that can make these up too. Some of the most common types of material include:

Synthetic fabric: This is the most common choice for sportswear because it is comfortable and is great at absorbing sweat easily. This will help you to stay cool the whole time you play a sport or workout. Do not get this confused with plastic or rubber, which will overheat you during the game.

Miracle microfiber: This is another type of synthetic material that is made out of polyester and nylon depending on the manufacturer. It will easily take moisture away, keeping you nice and cool the whole time.

Cotton: Athletic dresses can often be made out of natural cotton. These will take away the sweat, allowing for additional comfort when you work out.

Calico: This may seem like a strange combination, but it can work out well. It comes from unprocessed cotton and is a soft and breathable fabric that will feel awesome while being good for the environment. It is sometimes known as muslin cloth instead.

Spandex: You can also choose from Spandex. This is an elastic fiber that can move and bend without tearing. Then it goes back to the original size when done. This is a great option for swimmers, gymnasts, and figure skaters to name a few.

These choices can all work well depending on the type of athletic activity you choose to do and what you find the most comfortable to wear while you get your heart rate up. With all of these choices in materials to make up the sportswear that you want to wear, you may need to experiment a little and see which type is best for you!