Types of Sportswear

There are many different types of sportswear that you can choose depending on the type of sport you decide to play. Each sport has their requirements and they will use the sportswear in a different way from one another. Some of the different types of sportswear that are available include:

Auto racing wear: This includes special material that will help keep all race drivers safe while they are in their cars. It is not the traditional looking sportswear and includes gloves and thicker jackets for added protection.

Baseball wear: This will include special sweaters to keep the player warm if the game goes into night, plus a special jersey like material from head to toe.

Basketball wear: It doesn’t take long to recognize the traditional basketball shorts and jersey that some of our favorite teams wear.

Cycling wear: This includes tighter fitting pants and coats along with some biking gloves for protection. The tighter fitting items help prevent wind resistance.

American football wear: This includes athletic pants and a jersey fit to wear pads for extra protection. Some choose to wear hand protection and a helmet is always necessary.

Skiing wear: This type of sportswear is all about being comfortable and warm. It will include gloves, boots, warm jackets, headgear and so much more.

Tennis wear and yoga wear: Both of these come closer to what we think about when we hear sportswear. They are tight fitting with either shorts or long pants depending on the individual, making them aerodynamic and comfortable while playing their sport.

With all of the different choices in sportswear, it can be confusing to know which type is preferable for each use. The type of sport that you plan to participate in will help you choose the exact sportswear uniform that will work for you.